Lufthansa Website Review & Ratings + Lufthansa Coupons
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Lufthansa Website Review & Ratings + Lufthansa Coupons

Lufthansa: Products & Services

The website among others is owned by Deutsche Lufthansa AG. Deutsche. Lufthansa AG is a global aviation group that acts as the parent company with its four member Executive Board chairman by Dr. Christoph Franz among others. The Executive Board is responsible for running the group, deciding its strategy and guaranteeing a sustainable boost in its value. This Executive Board is appointed and advised by the Supervisory Board.

The Group is subdivided into five business segments namely the passenger airline business, logistics, Maintenance Repair Overhaul, catering and IT services. Each of the individual sectors are accountable for their business results and they each have their own supervisory boards with a member of the group Executive board and top management represented.

Trip Advisor gave us an insight into the different levels of class on Lufthansa Airline – the most prominent of their group of companies. These classes include first class, business class and economy. Also indicated that, Lufthansa has its hubs in Düsseldorf International Airport, Frankfurt Airport, Munich Airport and Zurich Airport.

Lufthansa: Company Background

The airline, according to Wikipedia, is considered as the world's fourth-largest airline based on a seamless record of total passengers carried, operating services to 18 domestic destinations and 197 international destinations in 78 countries across Africa, America, Asia and Europe. With the support of its partners, Lufthansa services are around 410 destinations in fact, if combined with its subsidiaries, the aircraft is deemed the largest passenger airline fleet in the world.

Lufthansa was founded in 1926 with its registered office and corporate headquarters at Cologne, Germany. The owners of this company are called the Lufthansa Aviation Group with Dr Christoph Franz as the CEO. Lufthansa kept a record of their activities and exploits for each decade since inception (1920s) to date.

Lufthansa: Customer Feedback & Reviews

SkyTrax has 1411 reviews from customers all over the world and their overall rating was close to a 70% excellence. However, most of these customers seem to have a low grading for Lufthansa’s entertaining potentials in the aircraft. For example, some complained about no T.V, unfriendly staff, no leg rest to make angled flat beds etc. Since there obvious seating arrangement took discomfort with customers, SkyTrax took a step further to appraise Lufthansa’s first and business class seat review and got 158 reviews summarizing customer satisfaction at 50%.

29 reviews can be found on Yelp with a competitive tone of satisfaction and dissatisfaction. Seemingly, the rating favored Lufthansa just a bit above average. A lot of issues were raised about the majority of their flight attendants being unfriendly, disorganized and aloof. Other areas have less criticism as this. presented lots of negative reviews from bad bathrooms to bed rests to crampy seats and the food served. Despite all, gave a class rate of 6.6/10 for Lufthansa with the following break down; Boarding 7.2,Seat for sitting 6.0, Seat for sleeping 3.9, Service6.8, Entertainment 5.1, Food & Drink 6.6,Punctuality 7.9 and Baggage 7.8.

Traveler ratings by Trip Advisor produced ‘Check in experience’ and ‘Punctuality’ to have the highest rating for the company among others such as Value, Baggage handling, Seat comfort, In-flight service, In-flight amenities and Reasonableness of fees . provides 90 reviews with a 52% satisfaction rating.

Alexa has 2 reviews targeted exclusively to Lufthansa’s website. While one says it is excellent for entertainment, the others affirm that their online ticketing system is superb and both gave the highest star rating of 5.

Lufthansa: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

Lufthansa is not accredited by BBB and consequentially was given no rating. Reasons were not given as to why this is so, aside the standard facts that Lufthansa has not seek out to register with the Better Business Bureau. 6 complaints have been filed over the past 3 years against Lufthansa with none being.

However, they have what is called a ‘Customer Loyalty Program’ to further improve their credibility, according to Trip Advisor’s observation with an elaborate description on their website. This program affords you to earn miles that can be accrued and used for travels and other awards by flying Lufthansa or its partners, purchasing the products and services of participating partners by using the Miles & More credit card or simply paying a fee to buy or give miles. You can visit the enrolment page designed by Lufthansa to participate.

Another commendable effort of Lufthansa is having an updated news segment on their website. With this, major events and activities of their varied companies are highlighted for their interested customers and general viewers to read. That way, important information can be disseminated through them and not necessarily through other search medium.

Lufthansa has been known to have earned a number of awards over the years. For instance, World Travel has kept track of 11 different Leading Airline awards given to Lufthansa within the period of 2002 and 2012 with detailed reports for each. Lufthansa was named the Best Transatlantic Airline for service quality at the 2011 World Airline Awards, in a ceremony held at the Paris Air Show. ‘Fast Travel Gold’ Award is also recorded by Future Travel Experience to have been award to Lufthansa by The International Air Transport Association (IATA), among others.

Lufthansa: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

Google Pagerank gives the website 7/10 page rank while Alexa gives the global rank of 2,599 and 398 in Germany with 15,805 sites linked in. valued the website at $1,265,813 USD and ascertains that it has a relative popularity among users (30.5%) in Germany. The site has 15,739 back links and perceived as good for a SEO website with a 58% SEO score. Lufthansa is considered 100% safe by Google Safe browsing, Avg antivirus and Site Advisor. On the other hand, estimated to be worth $ 1,089,481 USD and claims the site receives about 479,281 page views per day.

Lufthansa: Social Media Presence

Lufthansa has a page dedicated to accessing their various social media interactions. Through this, it was navigated to the individual networks and the discovery was made that they presently have 6,916 subscribers with 2,933,263 video views on Youtube, 2,375 tweets and 9,404 followers on their international Twitter account, 1,233,387 likes on Face book page and have 653 people in their Google+ circles. They are also on Xing, Tumblr and Slideshare.  They do not have a blog but have an updated press room on their website.

Lufthansa: Website Security & Safety

Lufthansa seems to take the issue of security seriously, perhaps because of the peculiarity of their services. For instance, to board their flights, there is a procedure that requires you to provide your full name, date of birth and gender according to the requirements of The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) for the purpose of watch list screening. This is under the authority of the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004 and 49 C.F.R parts 1540 and 1560 and this information may be shared with law enforcement and other intelligence agencies. Refusal to comply with this could result in denial of transport or denial of authority to enter the boarding area.

More importantly, they use the SSL encryption technology to ensure the highest possible security for the transmission of data between the customer’s web browser and Lufthansa’s internet which means that they use the secure https connection.  Google safebrowsing also gives the site a safe rating.

Lufthansa: Pricing & Packages

The price for using Lufthansa Airline varies on the type of class and distance. However, on one of Lufthansa’s pages,they have a ‘Fly by Budget’ toolbar which allows customers to book flights costing as little as €80 to as high as €2,000. 

However, some reviews across different websites for instance states that Lufthansa’s overall pricing is more expensive than most other airlines.

Lufthansa: Shipping Rates & Policies

Lufthansa has a cargo business that uses shipping services. The bulk of the freight is trans-shipped through the Frankfurt air cargo hub. The shipping rates are not open to the public except by becoming a Lufthansa eservice member through online registration. However, displays a range of cargo charges for different subdivisions of Lufthansa.

Lufthansa: Payment Methods Accepted accepts Credit cards, PayPal, Electronic direct debit, and Debit Card. By clicking on each of the payment methods while on their website, will further give details on how each payment method is to be used.

However, the company alerts that some of the payment methods might require and increase in the overall charge of services rendered. Other information on tracking, the network and everything along the running of the cargo services can also be found on this Lufthansa page.

Lufthansa: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

The company recognizes the importance of providing clients the opportunity to address and resolve issues and in so doing; they have a refund policy in accordance.

This policy covers the persons the refund policy can apply to, types of possible refunds (Involuntary Refunds, Voluntary Refunds, Refund on Lost Ticket, by whom Ticket Refund, Refund to Credit Cards Accounts), currency issues and possible Refusal of Refunds issues.

Lufthansa: Product images & screenshots
Lufthansa Coupons
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